Varalaxmi Pooja

Varalakshmi Pooja

Varalakshmi Pooja or Vrata is a ceremony performed by women on the Friday before the full moon in the month of Shravana (July/August) and this year it falls on Friday, the 27 th July 2012. It is commonly performed in the South Indian states of Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Pooja Vidhi

On the day of Varalakshmi vratam, women clean their homes and decorate their front Area with rangolis (colorful designs traced on the floor). Later, they take a bath and decorate themselves with beautiful clothes and jewellery. Then begin the process of performing the vrata by first arranging the kalasha or sacred pot. They fill the pot with rice and water which symbolize prosperity and cover it with mango and betel leaves. Then place a coconut smeared with turmeric and vermilion on the kalasha and also decorate the coconut with a new cloth. Some people decorate the kalasha with many kinds of jewels to make it look more beautiful. They place this kalasha on a plate filled with rice. The main puja begins by worshiping Lord Ganesha, who is believed to drive away all obstacles and evil forces. Later, goddess Mahalakshmi is invoked into the kalasha. They then worship a couple of torams (a bunch of nine threads with nine knots) and tie one to the kalasha while the other one is tied around the right hand wrist of the lady performing the Pooja. Later, they chant the Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamam (Hundred and eight names in praise of the deity Mahalaxmi ). Then offer the goddess nine varieties of delicacies including both sweets and savories. In conclusion of the Vratam, they sing hymns (They hymned their love of God) in praise of goddess Varalakshmi and also invite another married woman assuming her to be goddess Varalakshmi and offer her sweets. That evening, they invite all the neighbouring ladies to their homes and offer them tamboolam, an offering consisting of betel leaves, fruits, betel nuts, vermilion, turmeric and dakshina (money). They also collectively sing songs in praise of goddess Varalakshmi.

The pooja consists of singing slokas dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi like the Lakshmi Sahasranamam chanting the Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamam. Arati is performed on the kalasham. Different types of sweets are offered. Some people offer pongal. In some areas women tie yellow thread on their hands

The next day, that is on Saturday, after taking a bath the kalasham is dismantled and the water in the kalasham is sprinkled in the house. If rice is used then it is mixed with rice in the house.

There are no hard and fast rules in performing the Varalakshmi Puja and you can be flexible on the puja items. Even a simple prayer will please Goddess Lakshmi.

Shri Lakshmi ashtottara shatanamavali (108 names)

Om prakrityai namah

Om vikrityai namah

Om vidyaayai namah

Om sarvabhuutahitapradaayai namah

Om shraddhaayai namah

Om vibhuutyai namah

Om surabhyai namah

Om paramaatmikaayai namah

Om vaache namah

Om padmaalayaayai namah

Om padmaayai namah

Om shuchaye namah

Om svaahaayai namah

Om svadhaayai namah

Om sudhaayai namah

Om dhanyaayai namah

Om hiranmayyai namah

Om laxmyai namah

Om nityapushhtaayai namah

Om vibhaavaryai namah

Om adityai namah

Om ditye namah

Om diipaayai namah

Om vasudhaayai namah

Om vasudhaarinyai namah

Om kamalaayai namah

Om kaantaayai namah

Om kaamaaxyai namah

Om krodhasambhavaayai namah

Om anugrahapradaayai namah

Om buddhaye namah

Om anaghaayai namah

Om harivallabhaayai namah

Om ashokaayai namah

Om amritaayai namah

Om diiptaayai namah

Om lokashokavinaashinyai namah

Om dharmanilayaayai namah

Om karunaayai namah

Om lokamaatre namah

Om padmapriyaayai namah

Om padmahastaayai namah

Om padmaaxyai namah .

Om padmasundaryai namah

Om padmodbhavaayai namah

Om padmamukhyai namah

Om padmanaabhapriyaayai namah

Om ramaayai namah

Om padmamaalaadharaayai namah

Om devyai namah

Om padminyai namah

Om padmagandhinyai namah

Om punyagandhaayai namah

Om suprasannaayai namah

Om prasaadaabhimukhyai namah

Om prabhaayai namah

Om chandravadanaayai namah

Om chandraayai namah

Om chandrasahodaryai namah

Om chaturbhujaayai namah

Om chandraruupaayai namah

Om indiraayai namah

Om indushiitalaayai namah

Om aahlaadajananyai namah

Om pushhtayai namah

Om shivaayai namah

Om shivakaryai namah

Om satyai namah

Om vimalaayai namah

Om vishvajananyai namah

Om tushhtayai namah

Om daaridryanaashinyai namah

Om priitipushhkarinyai namah

Om shaantaayai namah

Om shuklamaalyaambaraayai namah

Om shriyai namah

Om bhaaskaryai namah

Om bilvanilayaayai namah

Om varaarohaayai namah

Om yashasvinyai namah

Om vasundharaayai namah

Om udaaraa.ngaayai namah

Om harinyai namah

Om hemamaalinyai namah

Om dhanadhaanyakarye namah

Om siddhaye namah

Om strainasaumyaayai namah

Om shubhapradaaye namah

Om nripaveshmagataanandaayai namah

Om varalaxmyai namah

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